Privacy Policy


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Indies Developer RhinocerosHorn (hereinafter called “RhinocerosHorn”) makes every effort in protecting our customers’ personal information related to their privacy. RhinocerosHorn may ask you to provide us with personal information. Only minimal information will be asked for, and we respect the customers’ choice whether or not to provide any other information.

1.Collection of personal data and purpose of its use

RhinocerosHorn will collect personal data from our customers by fair and appropriate means and will provide explanation on the purpose of its use.

[Purpose of Use] Collected personal information will be used for the following use and purposes

  • Managing and collecting of information, sending documents and communicating for processing tasks and other business conducts
  • For consultation with and responding to inquiries from our customers

2.Protecting and storing personal information

RhinocerosHorn will appropriately process the collected personal information and will implement appropriate protection and security measures in order to ensure safety in storing the personal information. RhinocerosHorn will make every possible effort in ensuring prevention of loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage of personal information.

3.Providing personal information to third parties

Personal information will not be provided to third parties without your consent, unless such disclosure;

  • is required by the law;
  • is necessary in order to protect one’s life, body and/or property;
  • is necessary for the cooperation with the state or local authorities, or individuals or entities who has been appointed by the state authorities to enforce the law or legal procedure;
  • is required to be submitted to the state authority in relevance with business conducts

4.Disclosure, termination, deletion of personal information

If we receive a request from you to obtain disclosure, correct, terminate the use of, or delete your personal information, RhinocerosHorn will, by appropriate methods, verify that the request was made by you and then respond as soon as possible, unless it is appropriate to reject such request by law or business circumstances.

5.Changes in the privacy policy

RhinocerosHorn may make changes in the privacy policy without notice in response to social situations, advancement in technology, and changes in the environment.


RhinocerosHorn reserves all rights over the contents (writing, pictures, data, images, graphics, etc.) and its presentation, edits and structure. No part of the content may be used (including transmitting, distributing, publishing, transferring, lending, translating, adopting, licensing, reusing, reusing, etc), reproduced, changed, altered, or used for commercial purposes without prior written permission.


Although RhinocerosHorn makes every effort in caring for the information we provide, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any kind loss or damage resulting from its use or changes in the law or any other causes. Please use the information at your own risk.